Posted on: Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion Review

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion 250ml: £4.99

Considering the cold nights of winter are quickly approaching it seems mad that I have been testing out gradual tanners! It’s hard to believe considering I am so pale already, that I can actually get paler in the winter. I always like to use a gradual tanner on special occasions to take the edge of my ghostly white skin in the colder months so had been looking to try out something new. I saw the Dove Summer Glow Lotion on offer in Boots for just £2.99 so grabbed a bottle of each colour to give it a go. It comes in both ‘fair to medium’ and ‘medium to dark’ shades so thought I would try both. It has a creamy consistency that needs a bit of working into the skin and unfortunately doesn’t dry that quickly (lazy girls be warned) however you can pretty much slap it on all over and you don’t run the risk of looking like you’ve been ‘Tangoed’.

Daunted by the thought of the darker colour I firstly tired the fair to medium shade, which did perked up my skin but needed to be applied at lease twice to see any real colour difference. Obviously this seemed like too much hard work for me so I gave the medium to dark one a whirl. I would normally stay well away from a product that had ‘dark’ in the title but this product does not make me dark in the slightest. One coat of this gives my skin a warm golden glow, which is visible enough that I don’t have to keep re-applying (bonus).

Unfortunately it does have that faint smell of biscuits when you apply it but after a good shower the smell is completely gone. I would recommend this product for someone looking to boost their natural skin colour by a shade or two but it’s definitely only for paler skins (no matter what the label says)

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