Posted on: Sunday, 10 August 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

  Garnier micellar Cleansing water: £3.99
I’m not going to lie; I love a good pack of facewipes. I know they are rough and abrasive for my skin but when I’m tired from a day at work I just want a routine that is easy a pie to take off my make up. The only problem is, as I’m get older I have started to think about the after effects of how I treat my skin, so I decided that it was time to try and take a step away from my beloved wipes.
I still didn’t want anything that was too fussy, that took more than a few minutes to remove my whole face so a micellar water seemed like the perfect choice. I had looked at a few different brands and decided with the Garnier version. I could say I was for the ‘special ingredients’ but honestly it was the price. I managed to pick up a large bottle in Boots for £3.99 on special offer, which wasn’t too much more than a pack of good quality facewipes. The product itself does a great job of removing all my make up (even mascara) with only a couple of cotton pads. The liquid is cool and calming even on my sensitive/spot prone skin and makes me feel fresh and clean after using it. Overall I am really happy with the product and will definitely re-purchase it, but a cheeky pack of wipes might still get picked up now and again.

Posted on: Monday, 4 August 2014

Rimmel Sunshimmer BB Perfector Review



Rimmel SunSHimmer BB Perfector: £6.99
It has definitely got to that time of year when you have no choice but to take of the thick black tights and let the world see what has been hiding underneath them. Although I love the summer I really hate having my bare legs out! Unfortunately I was not blessed with smooth, supple sunkissed skin. I have been referred to as the milky bar kid on more than one occasion and often get used as the ‘pale scale’ in my friendship group, so I must admit I hate the thought of people seeing my legs.

When I saw the Rimmel BB Perfector advertised I was definitely interested. It claims to smooth; moisturise; tan; give a healthy glow; even skin tone; cover and protect! They were definitely trying to cover all bases with this product but I wanted to find out if it actually worked. I have used the instant gel tan from the Rimmel range before and it always worked ok but I never felt it gave enough coverage for me. The BB Perfector has creamy consistency that looks a lot like foundation instead of tan so I hoped it would have better coverage. I applied it with a tanning mitt (to avoid grimy orange fingernails) and already liked what I saw. It definitely helped disguise imperfections and even the skin tone on my legs, which often look patchy. Although the colour was very natural I would definitely encourage fair skins to only use the light colour, as it was a lot darker than I expected. The product comes in light, medium and dark so it is definitely an option for everyone. My only main negatives of the product are that due to its texture it sinks in and dries very quickly which can result in patches if you don’t work quickly. For a novice tanner this might be a little off putting. I also feel that in terms of keeping legs moisturised it doesn’t quite cut it and after a few hours I could see dry areas around my ankles and knees. Although I did have a few issues with this product it is definitely worth purchasing for those last minute nights out when you need a super quick fix.

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